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Arizona, take action: Make our communities safer

Let’s make Arizona safer SB 1064 will increase earned release credits for some people convicted of drug and other nonviolent offenses. This policy will save Arizona taxpayers millions of dollars, boost the state’s economy, and begin to safely reduce the

ACU Testimony before Tennessee Senate Judiciary Committee

It is Time for Meaningful Criminal Justice Reform in Tennessee

It’s time for meaningful criminal justice reform in Tennessee | Opinion We can hold those who don’t pose a threat accountable in ways that don’t end up filling Tennessee’s prisons and leaving taxpayers to foot the bill. By David H.

Conservatives Support TN Gov. Bill Lee’s Criminal Justice Proposals

Mississippi, take action: Let’s stop federal overreach

                🚨 ACTION ALERT 🚨 – Will you allow the Justice Department to take over Mississippi’s prisons? For years, Mississippi’s prisons have been critically underfunded. After kicking the can down the road for

Virginia Community Supervision Reform