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Opinion: There’s no excuse for allowing the savage cocaine injustice to persist

Michigan’s Conservative Fix for the Broken Pretrial System

It is Time for Meaningful Criminal Justice Reform in Tennessee

It’s time for meaningful criminal justice reform in Tennessee | Opinion We can hold those who don’t pose a threat accountable in ways that don’t end up filling Tennessee’s prisons and leaving taxpayers to foot the bill. By David H.

ACU Support for Reforming Mississippi’s Parole Laws

The American Conservative Union sent a letter to Mississipi’s senior leadership urging the state to reform its outdated habitual offender and parole laws.  Read the letter below:

Accountability Does Not Need Destruction; I Learned This in Prison

On prison reform, Gov. Reeves needs to lead, follow, or get out of the way

by David Safavian and Autumn Billings DAVID SAFAVIAN is the general counsel of the American Conservative Union Foundation. AUTUMN BILLINGS is ACU Foundation’s Assistant General Counsel.