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Fox News: Congress is ‘afraid’ to stand up for soldiers slapped with false arrest record, Rep. Gohmert says

Fox News Interview by Hannah Ray Lambert Watch the latest video at foxnews.com

Criminal Justice Reform Done Right: Doug Collins

ACU Letter Addressed in the Oklahoma HB3903 Hearing

CPAC 2021 – The IV Amendment: No Knock Warrants and the Breonna Taylor Case

Louis Reed, Dream Corps Justice Pastor Darrell Scott, CEO of National Diversity Coalition for Trump Arthur Rizer, Former Police Officer/Prosecutor Moderated by Patrick Plein, ACU Foundation

CPAC 2021 – Conservative Prosecutors, Conservative Reforms Breakout Panel

David Leavitt, County Attorney for Utah County, Utah Tori Verber, District Attorney, San Joaquin County, California Kent Volkmer, County Attorney for Pinal County, Arizona Brett Tolman, ACU Foundation Senior Fellow and Former US Attorney Moderator: Chelsea Murphy, Right on Crime

CPAC 2021 – Amendment VIII: Cruel & Unusual, Does Tough on Crime Messaging Work on Election Day

Doug Deason, Political Strategist and Investor US Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL) Jim McLaughlin, Pollster for the Trump Campaign Former Rep. Mark Walker (R-NC) Moderator: Brett Tolman, ACU Foundation Senior Fellow and former US Attorney