Local View: Prison reform bill needs passage

Originally Published: Lincoln Journal Star Written by: Robert Milligan & Heather Rice-Minus President Donald Trump, flanked by law enforcement officials and faith leaders, recently urged lawmakers to pass a criminal justice bill that would reform the federal prison system. “It’s

FIRST STEP deserves priority in the Senate’s lame duck session

Originally Published: Washington Examiner Written by: Craig DeRoche Do you feel safe walking down the street at night? Do you let your kids play in the front yard? These are the everyday, quality-of-life questions that, no matter how polarized our

Midlands Voices: Senate Must Pass First Step Act

Originally Published by: Omaha World-Herald Written by: Shon Hopwood & Dawinder S. Sidhu By every measure, the federal prison system is in crisis. Since 1980, the federal prison population has surged over 600 percent. Spending on federal prisons has ballooned

The criminal justice reform Trump can achieve without Congress

Originally Published: Washington Examiner Written by: Steven Nelson President Trump unveiled one of his top legislative priorities before Democrats take over the House of Representatives: passage of the First Step Act, which would reduce some prison sentences. Though he still

KERIK: Time For McConnell To Let The Senate Vote On Criminal Justice Reform

Originally Published by: The Daily Caller Written by: Bernard Kerik, Security Consultant, Broadcast commentator There are plenty of important conservative issues that should pass in the final weeks of the 115th Congress: building the wall, approving the nomination of several

The Truth about the FIRST STEP Act

Originally Published by: National Review Written By: Sen. Mike Lee Tom Cotton’s criticisms of the bill do not survive scrutiny. As a former federal prosecutor, I am clear-eyed about crime. Unlike some reformers, I don’t think our justice system is