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Clemency for Julius Jones

Julius Jones is on Death Row in Oklahoma, but he may be innocent. Governments make mistakes; juries get it wrong sometimes. In fact, since the death penalty was reinstated by the Supreme Court in 1976, 12% of those on Death

Arizona, take action: Make our communities safer

Let’s make Arizona safer SB 1064 will increase earned release credits for some people convicted of drug and other nonviolent offenses. This policy will save Arizona taxpayers millions of dollars, boost the state’s economy, and begin to safely reduce the

Mississippi, take action: Let’s stop federal overreach

                🚨 ACTION ALERT 🚨 – Will you allow the Justice Department to take over Mississippi’s prisons? For years, Mississippi’s prisons have been critically underfunded. After kicking the can down the road for

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ACTION ALERT – HB2626 Arizona

AZ Accountability Team – WE NEED YOU! Rep. Carter (LD-15) has introduced HB 2626 to hold Arizona’s prisons accountable for years of failures: escapes, riots, cell doors that don’t lock, and skyrocketing costs. Please help us pass this important legislation that

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Thank our legislative champions

We had many bold legislators who were committed to smart reform in 2020, but a few really stood out as our biggest reform champions. Minority Leader Marie Waldron (CA), Chairman Graham Filler (MI), Chairman Michael Curcio (TN), Rep. John McGuire

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Ohio: Help SB3 become law

Stand with us for real reform that saves taxpayers and keeps our communities safe! Ohio’s justice system is just like any big government program. It’s expensive, doesn’t work, and when you try to change it like President Trump did, the