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ACU Applauds Bureau of Prisons for Compassionate Releases in Wake of COVID-19

  Contact: David Safavian                                                                        FOR

ACU Commends York County (PA) DA David Sunday for Proactive Measures to Keep Inmates Safe during COVID-19 Outbreak

Contact: David Safavian                                                                                                 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE American Conservative Union                       

Attorney General Barr issues Guidance Prioritizing Home Confinement in Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

Take Action: SAFER Plan to combat COVID-19

During these uncertain times we are facing, it may be easy for leaders to overlook our incarcerated citizens, but as you know, our prisons are smaller spaces where people congregate. It makes them very susceptible to the spread of disease.

We took CPAC inside of a prison–it was amazing

In November 2019, we hosted a CPAC inside of a medium-security prison in Pennsylvania. The first of its kind, over 400 incarcerated individuals attended the conference where they learned about criminal justice reform efforts, received job training, and learned about

PRESS RELEASE: ACU backs TN Corrections Reforms

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 03/11/2020 Contact: David Safavian American Conservative Union (202) 347-9388 American Conservative Union Backs Community Corrections Reforms in Tennessee “Common-Sense, Conservative, and Effective,” Says ACU’s General Counsel   Alexandria, VA – The American Conservative Union released a statement