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Probation can lead to better public safety

Originally Published: The Hill Written by: Pat Nolan Across the country, state leaders have recently passed laws to create more alternatives to prison when dealing with crimes committed by people struggling with addiction, mental health challenges, or those who made

Lower incarceration rate to improve society

Originally Published: The Detroit News Written by: David Safavian America uses incarceration far too often, locking up millions of low-level, non-violent offenders for years or even decades. With the highest per-capita incarceration rate in the world, we incarcerate more of

Mississippi should continue to lead on criminal justice reform

Originally published by: Clarion Ledger Written by: Matt Schlapp & Van Jones Just hours before the federal government entered a partial shutdown in December, President Trump signed the First Step Act into law. This important criminal justice reform bill passed

Bipartisan Coalition urges President Trump to Oppose Cotton-Kennedy Amendments to the FIRST STEP Act

Debunking the lies about the First Step Act

Originally Published by: The New York Post Written By: John Koufos President Trump has courageously thrown his weight behind a reform bill that will dramatically improve how we rehabilitate criminals and help keep them out of overcrowded prisons. Joining him

Tillis Co-Sponsors Bipartisan Criminal Justice Reform Legislation

Originally Published: U.S. Senate Written by: Sen.Thom Tillis WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, U.S. Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC) co-sponsored the First Step Act, bipartisan legislation to reform America’s criminal justice system. The First Step Act combines prison reform proposals that overwhelmingly