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Florida must follow Trump’s lead on criminal justice reform

Originally Published: Tallahassee Democrat Written by: David Safavian and Patrick Plein For too long, politicians on both sides of the aisle have ignored the consequences of operating an ineffective, inhumane and expensive criminal justice system. In D.C., it took a massive

Criminal-justice bill is first step as Florida leads the cause

Originally Published: Orlando Sentinel Written by: Mike Huckabee The past two weeks have seen important developments for criminal justice reform in Florida. The first was the Florida House articulating principles that underline an effective criminal justice system. The second was

Florida Prison Overhaul Depends on Tough Talks

Originally Published: Sarasota Herald-Tribune Written by: John Kennedy The next two weeks at the Florida Capitol will determine whether state lawmakers enact what some have called the boldest criminal justice reform ever seen in the state. TALLAHASSEE — The next two

Some NC Republicans want to copy Trump’s criminal justice reforms. Will they pass here?

Originally Published: The News & Observer Written by: Will Doran Conservative activists stood alongside a former prison inmate and the mother of a drug dealer on Tuesday to call for criminal justice reform in North Carolina. They’re “strange bedfellows,” said Sen.

Civil forfeiture: Fighting socialism in Mississippi and throughout the Deep South

Originally Published: Orlando Sentinel Written by: David Safavian and Laurel Duggan What does present-day Venezuela have in common with Mississippi in 2014? Both empowered the government to take private property without the benefit of a court proceeding. Until late 2018, Mississippi

Highlighting Women in Criminal Justice Reform: Julie Emerson

The next woman change maker we are highlighting this month is spearheading criminal justice reform in Louisiana, the most heavily imprisoned state in the country. State Rep. Julie Emerson is the youngest member of the Louisiana Legislature, but don’t let