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Response to President Trump’s Executive Order on Policing

The American Conservative Union Foundation’s Nolan Center for Justice released the following statement in response to the Presidential Executive Order on Policing: “The tragedies we have seen in places like Minneapolis, Louisville, and Atlanta are products of system failure in

In a time of crisis, police can rebuild trust


Michigan: Take Action to Give a Fresh Start

Everyone deserves a second chance and a fresh start When low level offenders are released from prison, they are expected to reintegrate into society, get a job, and a place to live. The problem is a criminal record makes all

Ben Franklin, FISA and the Public’s Confidence in the Integrity of Government

Cut costs and improve public safety with ‘community corrections’

by David Safavian

The Case for Conservative Criminal Justice Reform in Utah

Our Executive Director, Pat Nolan, was joined by Utah County Prosecutor David Leavitt and former NYPD Commissioner Bernie Kerik to discuss the conservative case for criminal justice reform in Utah. Watch their discussion: