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Conservative Criminal Justice Reform Leaders thank Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt for Historic Clemency Push

Conservative Coalition Supports Second Chances in North Carolina

Center-Right Coalition urges Passage of Conservative Criminal Justice Reform in Arizona

Oklahoma is the nation’s No. 1 incarcerator, but it doesn’t have to be

Originally Published: Tulsa World Written by: David Safavian When this legislative session’s top criminal justice reform proposals were announced in January, the bipartisan coalition supporting them had a simple, modest goal. They wanted a slight incarceration rate reduction to change Oklahoma’s

Clean Slate Law opens doors for those who’ve earned it

Originally Published: The Salt Lake Tribune Written by: Eric Hutchins Utah Gov. Gary Herbert recently signed into law Utah’s Clean Slate bill, House Bill 431, legislation that I filed to help thousands of eligible Utahans expunge old criminal records. The bill, which received

Florida must follow Trump’s lead on criminal justice reform

Originally Published: Tallahassee Democrat Written by: David Safavian and Patrick Plein For too long, politicians on both sides of the aisle have ignored the consequences of operating an ineffective, inhumane and expensive criminal justice system. In D.C., it took a massive