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Highlighting Women in Criminal Justice Reform: Julie Emerson

The next woman change maker we are highlighting this month is spearheading criminal justice reform in Louisiana, the most heavily imprisoned state in the country. State Rep. Julie Emerson is the youngest member of the Louisiana Legislature, but don’t let

Highlighting Women in Criminal Justice Reform: Kaitlin Owens

The next woman we want to introduce you to fights against the unjust treatment of women in our criminal justice system. (You may even recognize her from previous emails, we’re proud to call her one of our own.) Through her

Highlighting Women in Criminal Justice Reform: Topeka Sam

The next woman in our series of instrumental criminal justice reform leaders is an activist who combines her sense of entrepreneurship with her personal experiences as a federal inmate to improve our criminal justice system. While serving time for a

Highlighting Women in Criminal Justice Reform: Holly Harris

Folks on both sides of the aisle agree – we need meaningful criminal justice reform. But getting Republicans and Democrats to work together on this issue is a great feat, and it’s exactly what put Holly Harris on our list


Letter to South Dakota Legislative Leadership on Juvenile Justice

An Interview with DeMario Davis

DeMario Davis is a star NFL linebacker with the New Orleans Saints. At the height of his career, Davis instills fear in the hearts of quarterbacks everywhere. He is also an activist, fighting to improve America’s broken criminal justice system.