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Take Action: PA Probation Reform

Fix Pennsylvania’s Broken Probation System Pennsylvania has the one of the highest number of people on probation in the U.S. The biggest problem with having so many people on probation is that it spreads the Commonwealth’s probation officers too thin.

Take Action: PA HB1555 – Probation Reform

HB 1555 – a probation reform bill – is currently up for debate in Harrisburg.  Can you help us? Read more about Pennsylvania probation reform below… Pennsylvania’s probation system costs too much, does too little, and makes it difficult for

Wipe more slates clean in Michigan

by David Safavian

Take Action: NC SB562 – Second Chance Act

SB562 – Second Chance Act – passed the Senate unanimously in May. Speaker Moore is holding it up in the House. It’s our last chance to have it heard! Can you help us? Read more about Second Chance Act below…

The next frontier of criminal justice reform: County jails

by David Guenthner and David Safavian


Between 1965 and 1994, Pell grant eligibility for incarcerated individuals made continuing education part of American prison life. In 1982, nine percent of the nation’s incarcerated population was enrolled in post-secondary education programs. Access to higher education allowed incarcerated students