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🚨 ACTION ALERT 🚨 – Will you allow the Justice Department to take over Mississippi’s prisons?

For years, Mississippi’s prisons have been critically underfunded. After kicking the can down the road for so long, the state’s Department of Corrections is in crisis.  WHY SHOULD YOU CARE?

Because the Department of Justice is laying the groundwork for a federal takeover of the state’s  prisons. When this happened in Alabama recently, it cost Alabama taxpayers $3 BILLION.

But Republicans in Jackson have introduced bills to fix Mississippi’s habitual offender law and allow more people to apply for parole – if they are deemed safe to release. If these bills pass, Mississippi can safely lower the incarceration rate and fend off a federal takeover.

Contact Governor Reeves and let him know MISSISSIPPI DOESN’T NEED THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT TO TAKE OVER. It’s time to sign SB 2795.