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Stand with us for real reform that saves taxpayers and keeps our communities safe!

Ohio’s justice system is just like any big government program. It’s expensive, doesn’t work, and when you try to change it like President Trump did, the establishment acts like the sky is falling.

Senate Bill 3 is conservative justice reform, modeled on bills passed in red states like Texas, Utah and South Carolina, and by President Trump at the federal level. Governor Mike DeWine needs to stand up for the principles of his party, and not bow to the status quo that made Ohio one of the worst states in the country to address the opioid crisis.

Senate Bill 3 is tough on those profiting off drugs, and offers second chances for those suffering from addiction. Ohio has the fifth highest overdose death rate in the country…nearly 4,000 dead in 2019 alone. Now is the time to drain the swamp and save lives.

Please tell your representatives and Governor DeWine that you support this conservative approach to our criminal justice system!

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