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Thank Arizona’s Criminal Justice Reform Champions

Help us thank Arizona’s Criminal Justice Reform Champions for their leadership and standing with President Trump.

Last year, President Trump signed the First Step Act into law which, among other things, stopped abusive sentencing practices known as “stacking.” These important reforms reduce recidivism rates, keep our communities safe, and save taxpayers a ton.

Two republican legislators here in Arizona followed President Trump’s lead for meaningful criminal justice reform. Sen. Mesnard and Rep. Toma proposed a bill that would keep power-hungry prosecutors from “stacking” charges, which are used to enhance penalties on first-time offenders..

Unfortunately, at the request of a few prosecutors, Gov. Ducey vetoed this important legislation.

Even though the bill was vetoed, we want to show these republican leaders that we support their fight for criminal justice reform. Help us thank Sen. Mesnard and Rep. Toma for following the President’s lead and being champions for smart, conservative reform in Arizona.

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