Criminal Justice Reform in California


California had the most high profile prison crisis of any other state in 2006: Its high incarceration and recidivism rates led to an overcrowded prison population of 165,000 in a system only designed for 85,000.


Since 2009, California has passed several pieces of criminal justice reform. Such reforms include:


The passing of these reforms has done a lot to help California’s criminal justice system. Since 2009, the incarceration population has fallen by more than 40,000 people. California has made headway in reforming its criminal justice system; however, it still has a long way to go to see change materialize. We look forward to seeing conservative leaders rise to the occasion and take initiative on these issues, making the reforms that this state so desperately needs.

Identification of legislation should not be considered an endorsement of support of, or opposition to, such bills.

California's 2020-21 Budget Proposals for Criminal Justice Reform can be found HERE.

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