Eric Zahnd

Eric Zahnd is an esteemed prosecutor and dedicated public servant who has served as the Prosecuting Attorney of Platte County, Missouri since 2002, making him the longest-serving prosecutor in the county’s history. With a relentless commitment to justice, Zahnd has personally convicted numerous criminals for violent felonies, including high-profile cases such as the only quadruple murder in modern Platte County history. Alongside his impressive prosecutorial record, Zahnd is a strong advocate for diversion programs and treatment courts, displaying a balanced approach to nonviolent offenders. He has been a leading force in combatting crimes against children, establishing Platte County’s Cyber Crimes Unit and gaining national recognition for his work to protect children from online predators. Zahnd’s contributions extend beyond the courtroom as he actively works to improve Missouri’s criminal laws and has been recognized as a top attorney and influential leader in Kansas City. With a distinguished educational background and a deep-rooted commitment to his community, Zahnd continues to make a significant impact as a prosecutor and advocate for justice.