Alan R. Ostergren

Alan, with over 22 years of experience in law enforcement, is a highly accomplished attorney and founder of the Kirkwood Institute. Serving as the Muscatine County Attorney since 2010, he has been reelected twice and has been a vital figure in his jurisdiction as the chief law enforcement officer. Alan’s contributions extend beyond his role as county attorney, as he has actively participated in important constitutional law cases, providing amicus curiae briefs that have influenced the opinions of the Iowa Supreme Court.

His expertise in election law has led him to represent various political groups in challenging county auditors’ actions and defending recently enacted legislation before the Iowa Secretary of State. Alan’s legal work has gained widespread recognition, being featured on nationally recognized shows such as Dateline and Oxygen Network’s Murder for Hire and Snapped. He is also a respected legal commentator and has been named as one of the “People to Watch” by the Des Moines Register for his significant impact on the Iowa legal community. With a strong educational background and admissions to various state and federal courts, Alan brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his practice of law in Iowa.