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Point of View: Making Oklahoma Safer Through Criminal Justice Reform

By Pat Nolan and Estela Hernandez Originally Posted on Oklahoman.com Conservatives like us believe that the states are America’s laboratories of democracy. When it comes to criminal justice reform, this is indisputably true. For more than a decade, states like

Justice Thomas’s Criticism Recognizes Abuse of Civil Asset Forfeiture Laws

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Reforms to the unconstitutional practice are necessary, says CCJR’s Pat Nolan WASHINGTON, DC – The American Conservative Union Foundation’s Center for Criminal Justice Reform (CCJR) expressed disappointment in the Supreme Court’s decision to refuse to hear a challenge

To reform our prisons, follow the states’ lead

Originally published by Washington Post By: Pat Nolan The first priority of government is to keep our people safe. Violent, dangerous criminals belong in prison, and the cost of incarcerating them is money well spent. But today the net of

CPAC 2016: Criminal Justice Reform in the States

CCJR Director Pat Nolan moderates a panel titled, “Conservatives Lead The Way: Criminal Justice Reform in the States.” The panel featured State Sen. Brian Kelsey (TN-31), Mark Levin (TPPF), and Jerry Madden (Right On Crime).

CPAC 2016: Criminalization of Politics

DC Attorney Reginald Brown sits down with CCJR Director Pat Nolan to talk about the Criminalization of Politics.

Conservatives Should Care About Criminal Justice Reform

CCJR Director Pat Nolan sat down to discuss the reasons conservatives should care about criminal justice reform.