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A Conservative seeking a better Federal Prison System

By David Safavian and Patrick Plein Originally Published on WashingtonExaminer.com Only a government program can fail a third of the time and still be allowed to operate without accountability or change. Sound preposterous? It shouldn’t. This kind of monumental failure has

Broad Coalition Support Emerges for Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform

The American Conservative Union is working to protect property rights and states’ rights from an overzealous Justice Department. A coalition of bipartisan groups committed to reform have written the U.S. House of Representatives asking to support amendments that would force

ACU Leads Center-Right Coalition Urging Congress to Limit Asset Forfeiture

The American Conservative Union led a coalition of seven reform minded groups in asking House Leaders for a vote on an Asset Forfeiture amendment to the Commerce-Justice-Science Appropriation bill: Re: Civil Asset Forfeiture Amendments to CJS Appropriations

Major Conservative Groups Call for Reform of Civil Asset Forfeiture Laws

Aside from Questions of Fairness, Forfeiture Undermines the Public’s Confidence in Law Enforcement FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  Washington, D.C. – The American Conservative Union Foundation (ACUF), in collaboration with six other center-right groups sent a letter to the Chairmen of the

Letter to the Judiciary Committee: Time for Action on Civil Asset Forfeiture

Dear Chairman Goodlatte and Chairman Grassley: We write to ask you to pass legislation reforming federal civil asset forfeiture. As it is currently practiced, civil asset forfeiture is an affront to private property rights as well as fundamental rights to

ACUF and Others ask Senate Judiciary Committee to Conduct Oversight of US Attorney Nominees

Dear Chairman Grassley: On March 21, we wrote to urge you and members of the committee to conduct basic oversight with respect to the president’s nominees to serve as United States Attorneys. After noting the enormous influence federal prosecutors have