April 25th, 2017

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Pat Nolan, the director of The American Conservative Union Foundation’s (ACUF) Center for Criminal Justice Reform was honored by the Vera Institute of Justice at its 11th Annual “Reimagine Justice” Gala on Thursday April 20th in New York City.

Since its formation in 2014, Pat Nolan has led ACUF’s Center for Criminal Justice Reform (CCJR) in working to reform injustice within the prison system, improve prison conditions, strengthen family ties of those incarcerated, and ensure those released from prison have the necessary tools to successfully reintegrate into their communities. The Vera Institute of Justice also honored Steven Cohen, Gov. Dannel Malloy (D-CT), and Vanita Gupta.

Pat Nolan has continued to be one of the most prominent voices in the conservative fight for criminal justice reform, noting the sky-rocketing costs that the prison system places on taxpayers and the need for data-driven reforms that are proven to yield positive results. His history in the movement includes serving 15 years in the California State Assembly, four of those as the Assembly Republican Leader where he was a leader on victim’s rights issues. Nolan has been recognized before for his commitment to justice, including the Victims Advocate Award, recognition from Freda Utley Foundation (the first American to receive this prestigious international honor), and the Justice Roundtable’s Advocate Award for his “tireless work championing criminal justice reform.”

“[Pat Nolan] has started a broader conservative movement to address mass incarceration through monthly lunch meetings, through the persuasiveness of his own personal conviction, thorough charm, and humility, and kindness,” said the Vera Institute’s President Nick Turner. “He led the fight in Washington to address and eliminate prison rape, and he was an early leader of the Right on Crime movement, and remains a leader today.”

The Vera Institute’s Eleventh Annual Reimagine Justice Gala was held on Thursday, April 20th at Cipriani 25 Broadway in New York City from 6-9pm. For additional information, please contact the Vera Institute’s gala office at 212-249-6188 or For more information on ACUF Center for Criminal Justice Reform and Director Pat Nolan, please visit our website.

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