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As part of Women’s History Month, we are continuing to highlight women who have made a real difference in advancing conservative criminal justice reform.

Former Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin is a real champion of criminal justice reform on the state level.

As governor, Mary Fallin proved that meaningful reform requires practical solutions.

Prisons across Oklahoma were overcrowded, and more inmates were brought in each month. In just one week in 2018, Governor Fallin signed a total of seven criminal justice reform bills to combat growing prison population.

The bills will prevent a 25% increase in state prison population over the next eight years. More importantly, they protect the public, keep families together, and save taxpayers money.

Governor Fallin also commuted the sentences of 21 Oklahoma inmates who were all serving long sentences for nonviolent crimes.

Governor Fallin’s dedication to addressing excessive prison populations is powerful and inspiring. We need more conservative leaders like Governor Fallin who find real, practical solutions to the issues plaguing our criminal justice system.