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The next woman change maker we are highlighting this month is spearheading criminal justice reform in Louisiana, the most heavily imprisoned state in the country.

State Rep. Julie Emerson is the youngest member of the Louisiana Legislature, but don’t let her age fool you. She was instrumental in passing Louisiana’s 2018 Justice Reinvestment Package which aimed to reduce recidivism and support victims of crime. Better yet, the measures are projected to save Louisiana taxpayers $262 million over the next decade.

Her contribution streamlines the process for people with criminal convictions to apply for and receive occupational licenses – a vital step in reducing recidivism rates.

She even received an award from the bipartisan Coalition for Public Safety for her “smart-on-crime’ policies.

Rep. Emerson understands the importance in changing corrections systems that cost taxpayers too much and don’t actually improve public safety. Conservatives like her are our nation’s best chance at meaningful criminal justice reform.