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Petition to Rein in the Biden DOJ

Petition to Rein in the Biden DOJ

Merrick Garland and unethical attorneys are attempting to undermine President Trump’s grant of clemency to a man who was the victim of egregious misconduct by the Department of Justice. Trump granted clemency to Florida businessman Philip Esformes on the recommendation of numerous respected legal figures, including former Attorneys General William Barr, Edwin Meese, and Michael Mukasey, as well as former Deputy Attorney General Larry Thompson. These esteemed former prosecutors were appalled at the serious unethical conduct of these DoJ bureaucrats, which included the deliberate invasion of Esformes’ attorney client privilege and tainted his conviction.

A U.S. Magistrate Judge found that prosecutors knowingly obtained attorney-client privileged information belonging to Esformes, then used it against him. The Magistrate Judge found the Government’s conduct to be “deplorable,” yet the trial judge overturned those findings to protect the reputations of the offending prosecutors. As a result of the trial judge’s ignoring the “deplorable” acts of the prosecutors, Mr. Esformes was convicted on 20 of the 32 counts, with the jury not being able to reach a verdict on six of the counts.

Now, Biden’s Justice Department seeks revenge for Trump’s clemency. The DOJ has announced that it will retry Esformes on the six counts that he was NOT convicted of. Margaret Love, who served as the U.S. Pardon Attorney from 1990 through 1997 (Bush and Clinton presidencies) and is a widely respected authority on executive clemency has concluded that the intended effect of the President Trump’s clemency warrant was to end Esformes’ prosecution with no possibility of retrial or further imprisonment, and that the DOJ decision to ignore the grant of clemency is contrary to the law and indeed unconstitutional.

This is where you come in. Please sign this petition IMMEDIATELY to help us rein in the out-of-control Biden Justice Department.

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